Over 70 Nigerian Medical Specialists Urgently Needed In Guinea-Bissau (Read Details)

More than Seventy medical specialists are urgently needed in Guinea Bissau.

Disclosing this on its official website, Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria, (mdcn.gov.ng), the organization said the Technical Aid Corps has requested it to bring to the notice of registered medical practitioners its need to urgently recruit specialists for deployment as part of the Technical Aid to the Republic Guinea Bissau.

The areas of specialities requested includee: Gynaecology and Obstetrics (10), Specialists Neonatology (3), Paediatrics (10), Ortho-Traumatology (4), General Surgery (11), Internal Medicine (10); Cardiology (1) Pulmonology (1), Intensive Therapy (2); Psychiatry (1), Anaesthesiology (10), Neurology (2), Urology (2), Ophthalmology (3), Gastroenterology (1), Nephrology (1) Otolaryngology (1) and Rheumatology (1).â€