DNA TEST!! Nedu’s Ex-Wife With Full Chest Said The Result Of The First Child Shocked The OAP (VIDEO)

The Wazobia TV Presenter, Nedu is currently in chaos with his married wife, an issue caused by infidelity

It get to us that the OAP was feeling insecure in his marriage and decided to run a DNA test for his second child.

The result proves he’s the biological father of the girl (the second child) but unfortunately, he’s not the father of the first child.

He never doubt the paternity of the first child because he wasn’t feeling insecure about his wife during the time they gave birth to the first child, so assumed the first child was his.

After finding out that he’s not the biological father of their son (the first child) their marriage ended and his wife started granting media interviews.

Her courage and audacity in all the interviews she had done was top notch.

She said;