Why Fireboy Needs To Leave YBNL Now (A MUST READ)

In this age and time when talented Nigerian artistes are enjoying the spotlight on the foreign scene, I see no reason why a talent like Fireboy shouldn’t have moved passed the Nigerian market.

Since joining YBNL, Fireboy has been fantastic and consistent. A guy who released 2 superb albums in the space of 2years has nothing to prove again.

An artiste like Fireboy should be on the move to leave this ground level and aim for the sky but unfortunately, the same record label who shot him to the limelight is the one holding him from getting to where he deserves.

This is not to discredit the works that YBNL has done for Fireboy so far but it is beginning to seem like that label can’t get him passed this level.

If Rema can have so much international recognition few months after getting signed to Mavin, what exactly is stopping Fireboy?

The answer to the question above is not far-fetched, it’s YBNL. The label can only flex muscles in Nigeria but has no level outside Nigeria.