Wizkid Made It Easy For Teenagers To Become Musician In Nigeria – Ruger

Jonzing Singer, Ruger has shared how Wizkid became an inspiration for new school artists like him.

Speaking with Media Personality, Adesope Olajide, Ruger stated that Wizkid’s rise to fame made it easier for teenagers to make it in the music industry.

Ruger was talking about how his interest in music started and revealed that Wizkid’s “Holla At Ya Boyâ€

Burna Boy vs Wizkid – Who Is Closer To Fela In All-Time Afrobeat Ranking?

The greatness of Afro-beat can be traced down to the times of Fela Anikulapo Kuti, the days when Afro-beat was used to narrate the struggles of Africa.

Fela exposed the world to the beauty of African music, thereby making Afro-beat one of the most sought-after sounds in the entire world.

Fortunately, Afrobeat didn’t die with Fela, scores of young artistes have fought so hard to continue the legacy of Afrobeat and make it occupy a very formidable space in the world of music.

So far so good, Burna Boy and Wizkid have been the most successful Afro-beat export. Shutting down big international stages, selling platinum in European countries to the point of claiming the most prestigious international award is a win for Afro-beat.

Wizkid and Burna Boy got their first Grammies respectively last year and they have since been the major face of Afrobeat that most international stars want to work with.

Despite the success of these young artistes, it is not contestable that Fela still remains the Afrobeat greatest of all times because his name still rings a serious bell in the international scene as the father of Afrobeat.

You will recall that even Nigerian actor and comedian, Woli Arole confirmed how big Fela still remains abroad despite Wizkid and Burna Boy’s success.

MUST READ: Why Is Everybody Sounding Like Wizkid? (Part 1: Killertunes)

Welcome to another episode of “Why is everybody Sounding like WizKid” on NL.

Oh, wait, this is the first? Well then, I’m still pretty sure this is not the first time you’ve seen someone complain about how artists in the industry are imitating Wiz. At this point, it’s not even flattering anymore, it’s just annoying.

Let’s be honest, for once. Wizkid is not even the best vocalist in Nigeria. There are artists who also have good sounds and very good templates that anyone who doesn’t have anything original and wants to imitate can decide to copy. WandeCoal, for example. Why is no one copying Wande? Or 2Face? Or let me bring it down a notch, Davido? Kizz Daniel? Why’s it gotta be Wizkid every damn time?

In this episode, I’ll be ranting about Killertunes, a producer turned singer who put out his debut album not too long ago.

Now, I certainly don’t hate Killertunes. I’ve known the guy for a long time. Even before he blew up, I knew him back in the early days of Tribe II, before he was even on BME. I used to cop his free beats back then, I enjoyed them. I’m talking way back in 2015. I know this guy. I have no illusions about his talent. He’s a good musician.

He blew up around 2017 and started working with big names like Olamide and Wizkid, though. He got linked with emPawa, an outfit run by Mr. Eazi, around the same time as CKay and Joeboy. Now I wonder if the plan was always to pivot into singing. As a beat-maker, Killertunes is the best. As a singer, though? Meh.

It’s not that Killertunes doesn’t have the voice. Oh, sure he does. He’s the kind of guy that could easily become a star, he’s got the potential, and he’s putting in the effort? Well, what’s the problem then, you may ask? Wizkid!

The moment you push play on the first track on his album, you begin to get the WizKid feel, and rightly so. I mean Killertunes and Wiz have worked together a number of times, the last time being on “Joro.” But once he starts to sing, you begin to wonder why. Why does he have to sound so much like WizKid on a Wizkid-type instrumental?

And that wonderment will not leave you till the very end of the album. It is a perfectly executed imitation of the Starboy. You might even start to enjoy some songs in the middle, because, I mean, the vibe is crazy and contagious.

In another world, where Killertunes isn’t who he is, and WizKid isn’t who he is, this would have been bang! Now, though, it just doesn’t feel appropriate.

Don’t take my word for it. You check it out for yourself and tell me what you think?

Listen below:-

Let’s hear from you.

On A Scale of 1 – 10, What Would You Rate Killertunes’ Impression of Wizkid On His Album?

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Wizkid’s US Tour In Danger Over US Visa Issues (Read Full Details)

The tour which was announced in July, would see Wizkid performing in US cities from September 10 till October 16.

The US tour planned by Nigerian musician, Wizkid may be in danger after at least 10 of his crew members are currently facing visa issues.

Naijaloaded learnt that the crew members including his personal stylist and bodyguard are held down in Lagos over their inability to secure a date for an interview at the US Embassy.

The tour which was announced in July, would see Wizkid performing in US cities from September 10 till October 16.

A source told us that Nigerians aspiring to travel out of the country to the US now buy visa interview dates at the rate of N500,000 to N1million.

“Look at how US Embassy is messing Nigerians up, To get appointment is now up to you able to settle guys up to N500,000 per person, Some N1million depends on how desperate you are,â€

Don’t Compare Wizkid To Fela, Comedian Woli Arole Warns Trolls

Nigerian comedian, Woli Arole, has warned netizens to stop comparing music star Wizkid to late Afrobeats pioneer, Fela.

The comedian and actor took to his Twitter page to reveal why he will not tolerate anyone who is trying to compare the duo.

According to Arole, Fela is so great that he is being studied as a course in London universities.

Tems On Wizkid’s “Essence” Or On Drake’s “Fountains,” Where Did She Deliver The Most?

A year ago, Tems wasn’t even in the mainstream. And now, she’s the biggest woman in the industry.

That is, of course, all because of Wizkid’s influence. Wizkid put on Tems, featured her on his “Made in Lagos” project and gave her the wave she needed.

By the time “Essence” became a global soundtrack, we knew the singer Tems was bound for superstardom. She’s talented, no doubt and through Big Wiz, she had the platform to express herself and do what she does best.

Essence” is her baby. It’s the song that made her. It’ll probably be the most important song of her career for a very long time.

But then there’s “Fountains,” which is a Drake song, off his seventh studio album “Certified Lover Boy.”

For starters, although “Fountains” has come almost a year after “Essence,” it has most certainly already surpassed Essence in total worldwide streams. That’s a big feat for Tems.

Just like WizKid in 2015 on “One Dance,” she has the world on her fingertips too and can do whatever she likes with it.

Wizkid ran with that “One Dance” wave and did “Sounds From The Other Side.” All of his activities then is what eventually led to “Made in Lagos,” which he’s riding currently. Like WizKid, Tems will also ride this wave from Drake and use the hype into her first album which is set to arrive next year.

Anyway, both of these songs have Tems singing powerfully, as both Wizkid and Drake gave her the space to express herself on top of the songs. The question now is, which one has the better Tems performance?

Essence or Fountains?

Let’s hear from you.
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Is WizKid’s “Made in Lagos” The Best Nigerian Album Ever Made?

Wizkid has defied all the odds and put the motherland on the map.

He’s made rivals happy for his success and changed the way Afrobeats is viewed on a global level, setting new records as he continues to soar high, riding the waves of his “Made in Lagos” album.

Seriously, how does he do it? 🤯

Made in Lagos,” released less than a year ago, was Wizkid‘s first album in three years. Since the much-criticized “Sounds From The Other Side” in 2017, Wizkid has been consistently trying to recreate his sound.

For Wizkid, it’s all about the sound. He doesn’t care about the lyrical content, he just needed to create a cohesive sound that would penetrate the deepest parts of the West and from there catapult the Afrobeats sound to a much bigger audience. More recognition, more Awards, more charts, more money, more respect for other African artists.

Made in Lagos Has Set A Lot Of Records

So far, “Made in Lagos” has not only achieved what it seemed like it set out to achieve, but it’s becoming more than anyone could possibly have imagined it will be.

The album took over Nigeria and Africa, slowly entering into the hearts of fans, song by song. Earlier this year, “Essence” became a global hit; the “song of the summer” and became the first Nigerian song to enter the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 songs.

The last time Wizkid was in that zone, he was there cause Drake featured him. Now, he’s there, all by himself. And what’s better? He put Tems on, and carried her along.

Made in Lagos” tour, which includes venues in Europe and America, is the biggest any Nigerian has ever had. Off of this Made in Lagos wave, Wizkid sold out the O2 Arena thrice. There’s only so much you can do with one album, unless you’re Drake.

He released a deluxe edition of the LP, weeks ago, and it has successfully restored the hype around the album, even as Wizkid tours around the world, putting the motherland on. Sensational.

It’s Not Just Hype, The Music Is Top Notch

Musically, “Made in Lagos” has not been touched by any album released of recent. In fact, in the past 10 years, there’s not been any Afrobeats album that is as structured, sonically correct, and perfect as Wizkid‘s MIL.

The album is no doubt going to go down as a classic. Because, the significance this album has in the industry will not just go away. Not for a long time, anyway.

What do you think?

Do You Think Made In Lagos Has Proved Itself As The Best Nigerian Album Ever?

Drop a comment.
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NL FANS REVIEW:- What’s Your Best Track On Wizkid’s New Album “Made In Lagos Deluxe”?

Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos” album released last year was a total success on all fronts.

In a bid to make the album become considerable for the next Grammy Award nominations, Wizkid had no choice but to do a Deluxe version.

The word “Deluxe” itself means a luxurious, expensive, or superior kind of something, and this Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos Deluxe” is obviously a more sophisticated version of the original.

The original “Made In Lagos” album had 14-tracks while “Made In Lagos Deluxe” had an addition of 4 more tracks to make it 18 tracks altogether.

The new tracks include “Anoti“, “Moodâ€

OVERTAKEN!! Made In Lagos Is Now Bigger Than “Twice As Tall” And “A Better Time” Combine – DO YOU AGREE?

Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos” album has been making rounds in the global world of music getting massive streams

Just last year when the project was released after Burna Boy’s Grammy award-winning album”Twice As Tall” which happens to be the best project of 2020.

It’s now clear to us that MIL has been organically rising above so many albums as the chart can attest.

Maybe Tems or not, the album with no doubt has been a penetration to the most acknowledgeable award, the Grammy itself.

As at this moment, MIL remains the only album enjoying relevancy as “A Better Time” by Davido is nowhere to be found, even “Twice As Tall” is struggling to compete with Wizkid’s “Made In Lagos”.

The turnaround is so intense, no one ever thought Wizkid would pop to this level with the album.

Recall that MIL got so many critics after release, logically listeners who criticize the project have found it as a nonstop playlist. It’s safe to say it’s a ‘no bad song’ album.