Upcoming Artistes

UPCOMING ARTISTES!! Watch Music Career Frequently Asked Questions And Answers With NL CEO, Makinde Azeez (WATCH)

The music industry set up in Nigeria is not so favourable to upcoming artistes.

As an upcoming artiste, if you don’t have a realistic understanding of the music business in Nigeria, you will just be chasing shadows.

Naijaloaded being Nigeria’s number 1 music and entertainment platform, we have always made it our duty to educate and advise upcoming artistes who are willing to make it to the top.

On this edition of Makinde’s Talk, Naijaloaded CEO, Makinde Azeez was placed in the shoes of an upcoming artiste and was made to answer some upcoming artistes frequently asked questions.

In this video, Makinde Azeez was made to make some music production and promotion choices that he would have taken if he is an upcoming artiste.

If you’re an upcoming artiste or you’re building any other career in the music sector, this video is must-watch for you.

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