Upcoming Artiste

Record Label Deal vs Management Deal – Which Would You Rather Choose As An Upcoming Artiste? (WATCH THIS VIDEO)

Being an upcoming artiste, you either need a Record Label Deal or a Management deal to keep your career in good shape.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, as an artiste you have to be very smart in choice.

Accepting a Record Label Deal means you’ve signed up your career into the hand of your record label boss.

In most cases, the Record Label will provide for you an enabling environment to be able to make good music.

They can buy you a car, get you a house and even employ Road Manager, Producer and other experts that will be working closely with you to boost your career.

With a record label deal, you cannot drop songs if the label didn’t approve of it, you cannot do shows without the consent of the label and lots of other restrictions.

The label dictates everything about your career within the period of your contract.