LET’S TALK! Did Wizkid Put Enough Effort To Push Terri While He Was He Starboy?

When Wizkid started Starboy Entertainment in 2013, it was just to be an independent label to distribute his own music.

Wizkid has never exactly been the business type. Having himself come up under a business-oriented Banky W, who founded EME many years before he even discovered Wizkid. For Wizkid, it used to be about the music. Still is. You’ll not find him cutting creative deals every time. He’s got a deal with Sony/RCA, has a couple of high-profile endorsements, and that’s it.

But in 2018, he took the leap and signed a young artiste into his fold. That young artiste, was, of course, Terri Ryn, or simply Starboy Terri. Last week, we wrote about how Terri appears to have left by Wizkid‘s label.

The big question though is, did Wizkid put enough effort in getting Terri out there while he was an artist on Starboy Records?

It looks like a no-brainer really because Terri isn’t as big as his peers, he’s not out there making hits like the people he came up with, and besides Wizkid FC, he doesn’t have a dedicated fan base who will go all out for him. So, it’s only logical to presume that handling his career wasn’t a job well-done, but just how much of that is Wizkid‘s fault?

Well, the fact remains Wizkid didn’t put in any effort at all. But maybe that wasn’t his job anyway. For one, Terri was on Wizkid‘s label and had access to his resources, but only back here at him, in Nigeria. But since 2018, Wizkid hasn’t been home much, has he? He’s been in the United States and the United Kingdom mostly and Terri hasn’t been with him. So what could Wizkid have done for him with that distance?

Is Terri Still A Starboy Artiste Or Wizkid Has Lowkey Dumped Him? – SEE THIS

It’s not a new thing for artists to leave their labels and not extend their contracts when their deal is over.

But of recent, what has been the case is that artists don’t let the public know if they’re still on a music outfit. And unless such a label is organized like Mavins or Chocolate City, it’s probably best for the artist to keep it a secret and still continue to benefit from the affiliation.

The latest of such is Terri Starboy, who seems to have left Wizkid‘s Starboy Entertainment for good.

Since there’s hardly any information about his exit anywhere, I’ve taken it upon myself to do a little digging and put the pieces together.

After I lay down the facts, it’s up to you to decide what to believe, because Wizkid is never truly gonna say “oh, Terri’s deal is done and he’s gone.â€