Squid Game

SQUID GAME!! 7 Reasons To Prove No 456 Is Actually A Bad Person Even Than 218

Reading this with me would make you agree that 456 is actually a bad person with good PR

Squid Game is a beautiful horror movie.

It shows you what people will do when pushed to the wall.

Yes, 218 was worse than 456, but let’s not be on any kind of delusions to think 456 was himself a good man. He was NOT.

To me, 456 was NOT a good guy.
He is a shit guy with good PR.

Every one of them that willingly went back to the camp to continue the SECOND time after seeing people slaughtered by the trafficked doll is definitely not a “goodâ€

MOVIE LOVERS!! Money Heist or Squid Game – Which Is The Better Netflix Series?

Hi movie lovers, hope I meet you well?

As a movie lover, you must have watched Money Heist (La Casa De Papel) series.

It’s full of suspense from the first season till the latest release, you won’t leave an episode to unwatch.

Another series on Netflix that is making viewers talking is the “Squid Game”. The “Squid Game” happens to be a new series on Netflix which was said to have been rejected in 2009.

The first season of the “Squid Game” has allowed movie lovers to jump into comparison with the suspenseful “Money Heist” series.

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