Open Letter

Open Letter To All Those Who Think Davido Has Hand In The Death Of His Crew Members – All Of You Are Mad

It’s always weird how weird things happen to good people.

For someone as accomodating as Davido, the least sh!t life should be throwing at him back-to-back is the death of crew members. Not even at this crucial time of his career when his peers are making power moves.

The recent report of Fortune’s date makes it 7 men already down from the large 30BG gang and it’s quite unfortunate and disgusting to see many Nigerian music lovers pointing fingers at Davido for the deaths of his close friends.

This is someone who lost his mother at a very tender age, he grew up in the company of families and friends around him.

Growing up to become a superstar and lifting up a lot of young people around him shouldn’t be something anyone will blame him for.

Just when Davido is trying to recover fully from the painful death of his close friend and personal assistant, Uthman Habeeb aka Obama DMW, the death of his official photographer, Fortune struck him again.