Who Is The Most Talented Mavin Artiste Ever?

Don Jazzy’s label, Mavin Records, is a powerhouse in the music industry.

A formidable force to reckon with, the label was created after the unfortunate Mo’hit split in the early 2010s. Don Jazzy has been at the helm of things since its inception.

While most of the artists on his roster have now left, Mavin Records is still one of the industry platforms oozing with too much potential.

Of all the artists that have been on Don Jazzy‘s Mavins imprint, who is the most talented though? Let’s run through a list of worthy contenders.

Technically, we can’t even call Wande a Mavin artist, because he is a product of Mo’hits. I mean his debut album is called Mushin 2 Mo’hits for a reason, right? He could easily be Don Baba J’s most talented signee. But not so fast.